Memberships at St Mary Community Center are easy,

full of content and benefits, and designed for each person

to suit your situation.  Also, with each membership comes

a $500 discount in exchange for your volunteer assistance

to help us keep St Mary CC running as smoothly and as

affordably as possible.  Too, all the volunteers agree that

serving together is a great way to get to know others and

experience community through serving together to make our

 St Mary community the best possible.

What's Included with your Membership



The St Mary Community Center experience


Gym membership

Access to all classes with 75% discount

Access to all concerts and events with 75% discount

Use of Coffee Shop, Bookstore, and Resource Center.

Access to all Sports Clinics with 75% discount.

Every member receives a free St Mary CC tee shirt

Here are the membership options available.  

Choose the one that best fits your situation.

Single          Couple only         Married & children (no limit)                


$1495          $2495                     $3495

-$500           -$500                      -$500     Volunteer discount  

                                                                  10 hours per month*


$995              $1995                              $2995  Single pay

                                                            (see bonuses below)


or                     or                                       or

12 x $100      12 x $200           12x $300     Monthly pay plan


Single pay plan gets priority space for class registrations and

special reserved upfront seating at all concerts and events.


All memberships get 75% discount at all concerts, events, & classes.  

Any class special fees are excluded.

All seniors receive additional 10% discount on memberships.

All memberships are issued on a money back guaranteed basis. a

There is no contract.  Cancel anytime with 30 day notice


*Volunteer service may include items such as custodian,

maintenance, auxiliary security at events, parking monitors,

ushers, bookstore clerk, coffee shop server, grounds cleanup, etc.

8 hours per month expected.