Fortes Familias Aequalis Fortis Societas..."Strong Families Equal Strong Society"

Welcome to St Mary Community Center!...Your homebase for the best activities!

 We know families and singles alike are under tremendous stress and pressure today from many different sources.  This can make it difficult to find activities to be shared in common to keep relationships solid and well connected.  The resulting loneliness, depression, and isolation is not good for individuals or for relationships in general , especially in the family.  Here you will find something for everyone.  Activities you can share together to keep your family and your relationships well and healthy.  And hey, we want it to be fun, too right?  You will enjoy working out together in our state of the art gymnasium with trainers available to help up shape up, shed some pounds, or get ready for the next sports season, winter or summer.

You will enjoy our live concerts and plays, and you will grow personally by taking advantage of the classes and retreats we offer to keep you at your best, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.  And when you are not in the gym or in class, you will enjoy just hanging out in our coffee shop, and bookstore , visiting with others where we feature the best Columbian coffee and protein drinks you will enjoy while reading or browsing through our exciting and helpful titles of books and magazines for sale, or visit our extensive library and borrow the book of your choice.

So check out our membership page to find the solution that works best for you and your family or partner.  See ya soon!